Legal validity
in your communications

Sign up on Lleida.net and enjoy with the same user all our tools and services that will allow you to securely, reliably, and legally send communications and electronically sign documents.

Video Sign-up

Please have your ID card and a webcam or mobile phone ready, as you will be prompted to take a selfie and photograph your identification document during the process.

Use a camera with autofocus or your mobile phone.
Ensure proper lighting in the room for a clear image.
Avoid reflections and disable the flash on your smartphone.
Verify that the image is sharp with no blurriness.
Make sure relevant information on the document is not obstructed..
Follow the instructions provided during the process.

IMPORTANT: Your Lleida.net user account is personal and non-transferable. Do not share your account credentials with anyone else, as it may result in criminal activities such as sending fraudulent SMS messages impersonating banks, which could implicate you. If someone asks you to sign up for this service and later requests your username and password, do not provide them under any circumstance